Comprehensive Testing Equipment Products
  • XJ-200 Type Automobile Suspension Inspection Equipment(Heavy-Duty Vehicle Pass Through Form)
    1. Bending steel plates and welded into rack with good rigidity, and cool appearance.2. The device can allow heavy duty vehicle to pass through. 3. With 4 digital display screens console instrument, c
  • Automobile multi-axis weighing platform
    1. This device can make the double and triple parallel mounted axle wheels on the same side stop on a weighing board at the same time to measure the axle (wheel) weight.2. The equipment meets the requ
  • Roller reaction type automobile loading brake test bench
    All heavy-duty trucks are reloaded on axles (wheels) by means of loading (the brake platform is lifted as a whole), which meets the requirements of the latest national standards GB21861-2014 and GB185
  • ZG Series Free Roller
    1. A ZG series free roller is essential equipment for all wheel drive vehicle to be used in brake tester, chassis dynamometer and speedometer.Applicable for all axle load automobile.2. Bending steel p
  • Console Instrument
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