Safety Inspection Equipment Products
PB Series Of Automobile Platform Brake Teater(Four Or Two Boards)
Technical Performance:

1. This platform combines dynamic and static as one, and can inspect wheel load, brake, side slip, and suspension characteristies. It has the advantages of small occupied area, short inspection time, complete functions, and wide adaptability.

2. Use sticky emery on platform can reflect the real road situation for vehicles.

3. Configurc with industry instrument to fully automatic operate: dot matrix screen and rcal time date display, then inspection result willautomalically print out.

Technical Parameter:
TypePB-03(Four board)PB-03(Four board)PB-10(Four board)
PB-13(Lengthen、Four board)
Axle weight for quota detection(t)331013
Rated inspection wheel weight(t)1.51.556.5
Test speed required(km/h)5~105~105~105~10
Brake plate size(mm)750x1600750x20001000x35001000x3500
Detectable wheelbase range(mm)Depends on placementDepends on placementDepends on placementDepends on placement
Braking force detection range(N)
Axle weight indication error(%)±2±2±2±2
Braking force indication error(%)±3±3±3±3
Frame size (L x W xH)mm1624x750x2442000x750x2073530x1000x2463530x1000x246