Motor vehicle inspection station construction complete product service
Actively lay out the entire industry chain of automobile inspection
Product testing solutions-Jiangxing
DCG-2000ASM type automobile chassis dynamometer
1. The machine is designed for export according to the special requirements of foreign businessmen, and exported in large quantities. The product is in accordance with the national environmental protection industry standard (HJ/T396-2007, HJ/T291-2006, HJ/T292-2006). Designed according to the requirements. Suitable for emission detection of light gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles. 2. The body is welded integrally by steel plate bending, the flywheel and the main drum are coaxial, the design of ultra-low internal power loss, the basic inertia is accurate, the structure is reasonable, the craftsmanship, the appearance is beautiful, and the improved force calibration tool makes the calibration more convenient.