Chairman Speech


Chairman's speech:

Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, Zhejiang Jiangxing Automobile Inspection Equipment Co., Ltd. has received strong support and help from leaders from all walks of life and new and old customers. Today in the 20th century, at the moment when Jiangxing Company is facing new development opportunities, Everyone is invited to visit, inspect and guide the company, and provide valuable suggestions for Jiangxing's future development. I would like to express my sincere thanks!

Looking back on the past, we have been advancing in the process of pioneering and innovating. We must carry forward the success factors in the past, promote dedication, uphold the spirit of honesty, innovation, efficiency, precision, strictness and meticulousness, and adhere to the customer-oriented spirit of Shiyang. First-class service, create a first-class enterprise. Respect for employees and the core values of social responsibility, looking forward to the future, to achieve our development goals, the most important thing is to innovate continuously, and at the same time build a strong|highly responsible, high-quality and efficient team. The experience of countless successful companies at home and abroad proves that only those companies that can continue to change when they are successful, constantly surpass themselves, and surpass their past successes, can last forever.

Participating team:

1. Deputy Director, China Motor Vehicle Operation Safety Technical Inspection Equipment Standardization Technical Committee

2. Member of National Technical Committee for Standardization of Automobile Maintenance

3. Deputy Director, Technical Working Committee of Motor Vehicle Planning and Inspection, China Metrology Association

4. Deputy Director, Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Professional Committee of China Quality Inspection Association

5. Member of the National Technical Committee of Legal Metrology Management and Planning, and the Technical Working Group of Motor Car Metrology and Inspection Cars

6. Director of China Metrology Association

7. Director of China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association

8. Director of China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Committee

9. Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Automotive Engineering Society