Safety Inspection Equipment Products
FZ-B Series Roller Opposite Forces Type Automobile Brake Tester(Side Gearbox)
Technical Performance:

1. Bending steel plates and welded into rack with good rigidity, and cool appearance.

2. The machine can be installed without Anchor bolts, very convenient for installation and adjustment.

3. Adopt sticky emery on rollers with adhesion coefficient, service life up to 200000 times. Dry state >=0.9, wet state >= 0.87, rainy day does not affect the inspection result.

4. Third roller can control slip rate, effectively avoid flat tire happen.

5. Configure France C.L.C Company made motors, which have huge power and efficient gearbox and strong anti overload ability.

6. With lifting device; convenient drive out.

Technical Parameter:
Maximum Axle load mass(t)3101315
Braking force test range(dAN)0~900X2
Diameter x Length Of Roller(mm)Ф245×800Ф245×1000Ф245x1100Ф245×1200
Inner width x Outer width Of Rollers(mm)600x2200700x2700700x2900700x3100
Rollers center distance(mm)432457457457
Height difference between front and rear rollers(mm)30303030
Motor power3.0


Host size(mm)2900x800x3904152x845x3984282x845x3984482x845x398
Product name3t Brake table10t Brake table13t Brake table15t Brake table
Rated power2x3kw2x11kw2x15kw2x15kw
Rated voltageAC 380V
AC 380VAC 380VAC 380V
Rated current2x6.6A2x21.4A2x28.6A2x28.6A
Rated speed1450r/min1450r/min1450r/min1450r/min
Output torque



Braking force indication error:No more than±3%

Air pressure: The air pressure is 0.8Mpa-1.00 Mpa, in order to avoid damage to the solenoid valve, the compressed air needs to be dewatered and filtered before entering the equipment (the air filter is provided by the user); the inner diameter of the pipe from the air source to the table body inlet is not less than φ25mm, and it is out of the car The air pressure of the lifting airbag shall not be lower than 0.7 Mpa; the air flow of a single Table body shall not be lower than 3m3/min.

Electromagnetic valveDouble coil (self-locking)  AC 220V

Working conditions:

1、Power supply :  Motor (power box) AC 380V Three phase four-wire instrument AC220V single-phase three-wire ±10%, 50HZ

2、Clean air source :The air pressure is 0.8Mpa, the compressed air needs to be dewatered and filtered before entering the equipment (the air filter is provided by the user)

3、Ambient temperature: 0~40℃; relative humidity: ≤90%