Safety Inspection Equipment Products
DJX Series Automobile suspension and steering clearance tester
Technical Performance:

1. The clearance tester adopts hydraulic transmission and the platform can move up and down or side to side randomly by using hydraulic drive; displacement force is powerful.

2. Both illuninating lamp and control switch are on the portable controller, and very easy to control and observe.

Technical Parameter:
Maximum bearing quality10t/13t(Dual platform)
Maximum wheel load5t/6.5t(Per platform)
Countertop size1000x750mm
Maximum displacement of table top100x100mm
Maximum displacement force of table


Hydraulic station

Electric motorVertical  2.2kw  380V
Greatest pressure12Mpa
Maximum flow11.2L/min
Fuel tank capacity20L
Hydraulic oilN46 Mechanical oil (old brand No. 30 mechanical oil)

Note: 1. Fuel tank capacity: 17L is the fuel tank capacity. Because the hydraulic cylinder and tubing need to be filled with oil, the newly installed lash gauge must be refilled after a few rounds of movement to prevent the pump from sucking in.

2. Hydraulic oil: YA-N46 can be used at normal temperature, but in the north, especially in winter, it is necessary to switch to No. 13 mechanical oil (special spindle oil HJ-13) to prevent the hydraulic oil from freezing in the cold winter and making the hydraulic station unable to work .