Environmental Testing Equipment Products
DCG-2000 ASM Type Chassis Dynamometers For Automobile Emission Testing[For Environmental Inspection Station(VMAS, ASM, LUGDOWN)]
Technical Performance:

1. This machine is designed especially for export in according to foreign customer's special request, and exported for many times in large batches. The product conform the specified requirement on rack of Environmental Prolection Industry Standard (HJ/T396-2007, HJ/T291-2006. and HJ/T292 2006)-Applicable for light-duty gasoline fueled and diesel vehicle to detect exhaust emission.

2. Bending steel plates and welded into rack: flywheel is combined with primary roller within coaxial: ultra-low internal loss power design; accurate basic inertia;  reasonable structure; exquisite technique; cool appearance; an improved force calibration tool is adopted to make the calibration process easicr.

3. Air-cooled vorlex machine adopted new fan blade with prefect radialing and low wind resistance. The coaxial roller is connected by a new special rubber coupling to reduce noise. 7.5kw drive motor with frequency converter can use fornfinitely tuning speed, and accurately to measure the machine's internal loss power.

Technical Parameter:


Table bodyRegularExtended
Axle load3t3t
Diameter x Length Of Rollerφ216×1000


Rollers Center Distance


Inner Width×Outer Width Of Roller


Host size(Installation part)

Net mass1700kg1700kg
Test speed0~130km/h0~130km/h
Considerable inertia907kg  ±18kg907kg  ±18kg

Calibration motor:7.5kw AC380V Three phase  50Hz   15A

                 Quadrupole  1450r/min (Can not start directly,Controlled by inverter,Running time is greater than 300 seconds)

Resolution:speed0.1 km/h,torque1N

Allowable error of indication:speed±0.2Km,torque±1%

Vortex machine:



Rated voltage


Speed sensor (encoder) working voltage

5v~12V     600 pulse/revolution

Force sensor voltage(DC)




Maximum absorbed power


Absorb torque


Force sensor (strain gauge type)

Clean air source:The air pressure is 0.8Mpa-1.00 Mpa, in order to avoid damage to the solenoid valve, the compressed air needs to be dewatered and filtered before entering the equipment (the air filter is provided by the user); the inner diameter of the pipe from the air source to the table body inlet is not less than φ25mm, and it is out of the car The air pressure of the lifting airbag shall not be lower than 0.7 Mpa; the air flow of a single Table body shall not be lower than 3m3/min.