Environmental Testing Equipment Products
DCG-2000Z Series Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer(For Environmental Inspection Station)
Technical Performance:

1. Self development DCG-2002Z series-heavy duty diesel with three axis and six rollers chassis dynamometer. The machine requirement conform the national standard "GB3847-2005" , and have already exported to other countries. It is applicable for all kinds of heavy duty diesel vehicles (include front and rear wheel drive) to test exhaust smokes by using load decelerate methods, and also can install in automobile performance stalion and auto manufacturer to inspect car performances.

2. Bending steel plates and welded into rack with good rigidity: UItra-low internal loss power design; reasonable structure; exquisite technique; cool appearance; easy installation and calibration; air-cooled vortex machines adopt the technology of France C.L.C Company.

Technical Parameter:


Axle load:13t 
Diameter×Length Of Roller:φ373×1100mm
Inner Width×Outer Width Of Roller:711×2909mm
Rollers Center Distance:

The center distance between the first axis and the second axis roller is 710mm

The distance between the roller center of the 1st and 2nd axis and the 3rd axis Rollers Center is 1350mm

External dimensions (L× W ×H):4410×2850×608mm
Host weight:5050kg
Maximum absorbed power:750kw
Test speed:120km/h
Considerable inertia:1452.8±18.1kg

Calibration motor11kw  AC380V Three phase  50Hz  

                 Quadrupole  1450r/min(Can not start directly,The inverter startup time is greater than 300 seconds)

Vortex machine

Rated current:35A
Rated voltage:192V
Speed sensor (encoder) working voltage:+5v~+12v       600 pulse/revolution

Force sensor (strain gauge type)

Operating Voltage(DC):10V(12V)

Clean air source:The air pressure is 0.8Mpa-1.00 Mpa, in order to avoid damage to the solenoid valve, the compressed air needs to be dewatered and filtered before entering the equipment (the air filter is provided by the user); the inner diameter of the pipe from the air source to the table body inlet is not less than φ25mm, and it is out of the car The air pressure of the lifting airbag shall not be lower than 0.7 Mpa; the air flow of a single Table body shall not be lower than 3m3/min. Do not leave the car when the low-voltage alarm device is red, otherwise the roller will be severely worn.