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Introduction to Automotive Environmental Testing
TIME:2021-03-16 17:39:55   HITS:298

Car environmental protection testing will not be unfamiliar to friends who have a car at home. Everyone knows that the cured car is only allowed to drive on the road after passing the test. However, many friends who do not have a car do not know this well, below The editor will introduce you to this knowledge.

Automobile environmental protection inspection is an inspection to determine the technical condition or working ability of the automobile. During the use of the automobile, with the extension of the use time (or the increase of the mileage), its parts gradually wear, corrode, deform, age, and the lubricating oil deteriorates Etc., which causes the clearance of the matching pair to become larger, causing loose movement, vibration, noise and air leakage, water leakage, oil leakage, etc., resulting in a decline in the technical performance of the car. The core of the car maintenance operation (or car maintenance operation) is "maintenance" The technical condition of the car is intact.

Automobile environmental protection detection technology is derived from automobile maintenance technology, and is developed by automobile maintenance with the development of automobile technology. In the early car maintenance process, it is mainly through experienced maintenance personnel to find car faults and make targeted Repair. It refers to the "look (see)" that people often talk about in the past (for example: judge the fault by observing the appearance of the car or the driving state of the vehicle), "hear (ear listen)" (for example: judge the fault by the operation of the engine, etc.), "question (Inquiry) (e.g., judge the fault by asking the driver about the usage or phenomenon of the vehicle), "cut (touch)" (e.g., judge the fault by feeling temperature, vibration, pressure and other phenomena by hand). With modern electromechanical measurement and control Technological advancement, especially the advancement of computer technology, and the rapid development of automobile inspection technology. At present, people can rely on various advanced instruments and equipment to carry out non-disintegration inspections of automobiles, and they are safe, fast and reliable.

Presumably everyone has their own understanding of automotive environmental monitoring after reading the above introduction. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will provide you with the most comprehensive service! Looking forward to your patronage .